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Frozen Custard Equipment

Our frozen custard machines use the latest technology to produce a smooth and creamy frozen dessert of unsurpassed quality.

The quality of the dessert, when combined with the small footprint and easy to use controls, make the machine a natural choice for anyone wishing to offer the finest frozen desserts as part of their restaurant or hospitality business.

With a production rate of between 9 and 16 gallons per hour per barrel, you can be certain that our equipment will keep up at times of peak demand, ensuring that your customers always get the finest frozen custards and desserts imaginable.

With our equipment and training, you can easily turn an unused corner of your building into a profitable area of your operation. See how the addition of a premium frozen dessert can add significantly to your profits.

Please click on the thumbnails below for more information on our continuous freezers.

We also carry warranty-backed pre-owned ice cream equipment including batch freezers, continuous freezers, display cases and other ancillary items. Please click on the link for details.

Leasing is available through our partner companies. While we do not lease directly, we have several companies that will lease our equipment to you. Please contact us for more information.

Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.


CFT-100 Counter-Top Continous Freezer

CF200 Two Barrel Frozen Custard Machine
CF200 Specifications, Front Side

>> CFT-100 Frozen Custard Machine Specifications Front

Our new countertop frozen custard machine employs the newest technology to allow you to produce more custard from a countertop unit than ever before.
From custard to ice cream, yogurt to gelato, or any other dessert you can think of, this machine will produce 9-13 gallons of the finest frozen desserts you can imagine. Whether you are looking at adding a full line of desserts or just looking to increase your profits, this frozen custard machine is the answer.

By adding just a couple of other pieces of equipment, you can get offer a full line of treats that will add significantly to your profitability.

Please check out our profitability examples and complete the contact form to get more information.

Click here to see how quickly these machines pay for themselves.

2 & 3 Barrel Frozen Custard Machine (Floor Model )

CF200 Specifications, Front Side

>> Floor Model Frozen Custard Machine Specifications -- Front
CF200 Specifications, Back Side

>> Floor Model Frozen Custard Machine Specifications -- Back

We also carry warranty-backed Pre-Owned Equipment.

Pre-Owned Restaurant Supply and Equipment

We also have access to a number of other machines through our consignment sales program. Please let us know what you’re looking for, we’ll do our best to find the piece that matches your specifications. Please note that delivery times may be slightly longer for this equipment to allow us time to receive and recondition the machines to our standards.Please click the above picture to view a partial list.
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